New Internet, Streams and Videos!


I was mainly waiting for my internet to be upgraded. We had to figure out some things, but we finally got it. I can now stream 1080p if I want to. I’ll be working on doing PR and advertising my channels when it comes to Twitch, YouTube, etc. But for now I’m going to list off some useful links for anyone who follows this blog or stumbles upon it. I’ll be listing off the main pages we’re going to be uploading content to and listing off some of our admins/moderators names in multiple games that we’re currently in to playing. Feel free to meet up with people that follow this blog by posting your game names in the comments.

Useful Links

Twitch TV Channels
Yttrium Twitch Original:
Yttrium Twitch Beta Stream:
YouTube Channels
Main Youtube Channel:

Contact Info

At this moment we mainly play Dota 2, EVE Online, Forge, Guild Wars 2, Path of Exile, Planetside 2, Starcraft 2 and TERA. Oh, and course Moonbase Alpha (Mainly joking… but not really) You can contact any of us by using the list posted below.

Cpt. Pike (Cody)

EVE Online: Foxtrottington
Steam Name: FoxTheTrot
TERA: Health.Stone

Dmage (Mike)

Steam Name: Shadowmage12
TERA: Blak.Rose

Yttrium (Corey)

EVE Online: Corey Helms (Oh noes, my real name)
Guild Wars 2 Name: Jhordy Lapforge
Path of Exile: Yttrium91
Steam Name: LeanordChurch (Yttrium)
TERA: Purist.Thunderwrath

Hope to see you all in game. -Corey

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